High Jewellery

Florent and Stéphanie are craftsmen and designers who also make luxury high-end pieces resulting from a veritable artistic approach. Breaking the mould of conventional jewellery, these pieces are the result of exceptional traditional craftsmanship.
The ceremonial sword for the novelist Dominique Bona when she was made a member of the Academy Française.

The ceremonial sword for Dominique Bona, member of the Academy Française

The sword is the personal attribute of every member of the Academy, a veritable work of art, carrying the symbols of their life and work. Dominique Bona admired our work and asked us to make this heavily symbolic sword. In order to soften the lines of the sword, we imagined it to be curved. The blade is pattern-welded in hardened steel and its moiré pattern is shown off by the light. The hilt is covered in elegant grey shagreen, highlighted by a row of diamonds. The pommel is a six point star rose quartz which appears as if by magic when the light catches it. Dominique Bona is the eighth woman to be elected to the Académie Française, and she wanted the sword to be simple and feminine, so we played on the figure eight, the sign of infinity, a symbol made of curves.

The bows

For us, the bow is the reflection of musical thought. Bow-making is a very traditional, standardised craft, and we wanted to combine this with our expertise, in order to sublimate it. We convinced Jean-Luc Tauziere, a traditional bow-maker, to join our offbeat project: create two unique pieces: Le Souverain, a cello bow which was exhibited at the "5th New Year Music Festival in Gstaadt" and "Les Temps Modernes", a violin bow. As well as the excellence of the pieces we created - in both bow-making and high jewellery - associating both our arts was an exciting experience at personal and a technical level.
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The white gold and diamond earphones

As we are always trying to push back the limits of jewellery-making , we have designed high-fidelity ear phones, metamorphosed into a piece of jewellery, a unique piece which represents French luxury at its best. Apart from the cable, all parts of the ear phones (ear buds, controls, T junction and connector) are cast in white gold, and set with 315 diamonds.
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The "Garden Party" ring

With this "vegetal" ring, we have chosen to bring to life a dream of Spring and to pay tribute to Nature. This unique piece is an example of technical prowess: it is made up of 24.53g of yellow gold, 1.16 carats of diamonds, earth and a saxifrage bonsai whose roots are wrapped around a shank threaded in gold.

The "Basque beret" brooch

The beret is a regional tradition, which has been passed down through many generations and across many borders. Nowadays, the beret, and in particular, the Basque beret, is a symbol of French culture. To combine luxury and tradition for this accessory, the designers have added a unique white gold brooch, situated on top of the beret, made of 91 diamonds.
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